Bristol Marketing Events to Put in Your Calendar

Bristol is one of the most exciting cities in the UK, and is a real hotspot for creative, digital and high-tech businesses. There is a range of fantastic Bristol marketing events throughout the year that offers the opportunity to learn from market-leaders, network with other businesses and generally stay on top of your game. Whilst this is not an exclusive list, here is a snapshot of some of the best events, conferences and workshops to attend in Bristol and around the Southwest:

1. Digital Gaggle

When – September 4th – 5th 2019

Where – Watershed

How often – Twice annually


About – A conference for all things digital. From social media to digital strategy, Digital Gaggle connects the best marketing minds throughout the south-west that can help you drive your digital marketing efforts. Network, learn and get inspired about the digital world without that boring ‘corporate event feel’. They also have a giveaway of free tickets to charities, which we think is a really great idea! 

2. SETsquared Workshop: Good Marketing Matters

When – September 10th 2019

Where – Engine Shed

How often – One-off, but Setsquared have many events throughout the year


About – Fancy a two hour crash course on everything marketing? SETsquared have teamed up with the Director of Estrella Green – Natasha McKenzie, to provide a workshop on corporate strategy, marketing plans, best practice and delivering KPIs. With over 20 years in the field and a background working for big advertising agencies, such as McCann and Saatchi, you can’t afford to miss this Bristol marketing event. 

3. WE Design Forum – Graphic Design for Filmmaking

When – September 12-13th 2019

Where – The Forge

How often – One-off, but WE Design Forum have many interesting talks and workshops throughout the year – you have to be quick as the talks sell out fast!


About – For designers out there who are interested in Filmmaking, Annie Atkins is running a 2 day workshop on graphic design for filmmaking. Perfect for those who want to pursue a career in graphic design for filmmaking, or designers that are interested in translating their skills. If you didn’t already know, Annie has done some amazing work for some very big film & TV productions, such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and Vikings! Check out her profile on IMDb to find out more

4. Digital Advertising: 2020 & Beyond

When – October 17th 2019

Where – Apex City of Bath Hotel

How often – Annually


About – With Google already confirmed as a keynote speaker for the day, this is going to be an exciting conference. The main topics for this year are yet to be released. However, to give you a taste of last years agenda, it took a deep dive into advertising in the modern day – What’s the future for TV advertising? How can you get the most out of data for digital advertising? How can we use AI in advertising? For an interesting look into the advertising world, and with all the networking that goes along with it, this is one to keep a close eye on.

5. MEET Southwest

When – January 31st 2020

Where – Mercure Bristol Grand

How often – Annually


About – MEET Southwest is a hotspot for agencies, suppliers and buyers to connect, discover and learn more about the Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions (MICE) industry. With big brand speakers such as Nationwide, and a massive exhibition that connects buyers and suppliers, there is a lot of value you can get out of this event (for all things events!).

There are plenty of other Bristol marketing events throughout the year – some more media focused, some more PR focused. If you think we have missed any that should be on this list – please get in touch! We are always on the lookout.

PR for FinTech – a look at the future of FinTech marketing

Fuelled by developments in technology and a raft of new regulations, the financial services sector is in a state of flux. Where traditional banks once controlled the market, customer demand has seen an influx of new entrants come forth to innovate the way we make payments and manage our money. For the majority of businesses, marketing is rarely a walk in the park at the best of times. However, in an increasingly crowded industry in the midst of major transformation, PR for FinTech has become a competitive game that only the forward-thinking can win.

Needless to say, an effective FinTech PR strategy that is targeted and well thought out is the bread and butter for any established or start-up business in this sector. With the industry boom set to continue, the focus for FinTechs should be fixed on promoting innovation they bring to the market and showcasing the value they can add to financial institutions through collaboration and data aggregation.

Part of this can be achieved through well-established PR practices such as media relations and story development. By building newsworthy stories with your brand’s unique insight and data and distributing this via a network of key contacts, you can begin to shape external perceptions of your company. Similarly, cementing your reputation as a thought-leader within your field demands a strong content marketing strategy; it rests in large on the creation of engaging content that includes original opinions, well-researched arguments and supporting data.

However, as the sector continues to evolve, FinTech PR will increasingly extend into the use of technology. In order to make data-driven decisions with regard to marketing spend, FinTechs eager to retain their competitive edge will start to tap into artificial intelligence and business analytics. In doing so, marketing teams will receive clear guidance in the form of empirical evidence drawn from data insights on which methods yield the highest returns.

As well as The Innovators, FinTech companies have a unique opportunity to present themselves as a breath of fresh air with regard to transparency. Traditional banks have long considered trust to be a foundational strength, thanks to the familiarity of their brands and prevalence of their branches across the globe.

However, a raft of high-profile scandals has gradually seen the erosion of consumer trust for banks, fund managers, insurance providers and financial advisors. In fact, figures from a YouGov poll on behalf of campaign group Positive Money found 66% of adults in Britain do not have faith in banks to work in the best interest of society.

In 2016, EY conducted a study that revealed new market entrants and FinTechs had already achieved parity with traditional banks when it comes to trust. Ten years after the global financial crash, a new generation of account holders are putting their trust in tech over traditional banks. For an innovative FinTech firm, capitalising on the collective sense of growing trust means positioning yourself as open, honest and transparent in everything you do.

If they want to capture the attention of potential customers, however, FinTech firms must ensure they are visual, relevant and targeted in their marketing approach.

According to research into buyer behaviour from Google and the Corporate Executive Board/Gartner (The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing), customers reported being 57 percent through the sales process before engaging a sales representative, irrespective of price point. During this time, prospective customers are actively researching your brand and your position in the market to qualify you as a vendor.

Building brilliant experiences for members is part of the puzzle – if people love your product and your brand engaging, they will talk about their experiences online; they will be inclined to sing your praises on social media. Beyond user-generated content, however, FinTechs must make use of channels such as Instagram and Twitter to show the human side to their business and build a profile with their target audience. In the age of reviews, social proof is invaluable – a lack of presence on such social channels is as good as a shutter over your shopfront. 

FinTech PR in 2019 and beyond should further focus on educating the market. As disruptors to the industry, they have a duty to inform the public of who they are, how they are different and what this means for financial services moving forward. After all, it’s one thing to convince digital natives to download a FinTech app, it’s another to win the hearts and minds of those who have spent decades relying on brick-and-mortar banks. 

Even in a market as competitive as this one, every business is different and so is every engagement. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all silver bullet solution to PR and marketing: the key to success lies in getting to know your target audience and developing your strategy around that.