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Personal Branding: Free LinkedIn Profile Audit

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Complete the form to request your free LinkedIn profile audit now. One of our expert team will review your personal or company LinkedIn page. In a few day’s time, you’ll receive a personalised audit emailed directly to you.

Your free LinkedIn profile audit will include:

  • A specialist review of your personal LinkedIn profile
  • A detailed review of your company’s LinkedIn profile
  • Benefit from years of personal branding experience
  • Your personalised LinkedIn Audit Score
  • Bespoke recommendations 
  • Prioritised to-do list

What’s the catch? None!

We’re passionate about personal branding. It’s key to the marketing & PR work we do and we wanted to share what we’ve learnt with you. 


How up-to-date & engaging your profiles are

Our tailored LinkedIn audit evaluates your profile’s currentness and appeal, optimises visibility, assesses content quality and reviews your profile credibility.

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Whether LinkedIn is optimised for what you do

We assess if your profile effectively showcases your expertise and is fully optimised for your professional field, providing a concise report with strategic tips for enhancements.

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Have you used all LinkedIn tools available?

Our audit evaluates if you’re leveraging all available LinkedIn tools to their fullest potential.

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Will your company profile generate leads?

This is your chance to make a stand-out first impression. You’ve done the hard part and driven someone to your company page, don’t lose them by having a LinkedIn profile that doesn’t do your organisation justice. This is your chance to shout about the amazing work you do and why people should want to work with you. But we see so often profiles that are underutilised, stagnant and failing your business.

The problem is that it does take time and careful consideration of how best to use the space, functions and settings available to really begin to make your profile work harder for you. Time is almost certainly precious, especially when you might be considering where to even start. And that’s before you try to write about your company’s achievements in a warm, humble and engaging way that truly reflects your brand values!

At YS we have become experts in identifying what makes a good LinkedIn company profile. We are professional storytellers and have honed our craft over many a press release, blog article and social post. If you’d like us to take a look at your profile and give it a score with some pointers on how you can maximise your space on LinkedIn then request an audit below.

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The Power of Personal Branding

We all know the benefits of having a good company profile on LinkedIn. But why is your personal LinkedIn profile important? 

You might have given it a spruce up last time you were looking for a new role and you’ve added your latest employer to your profile. You might be thinking that this is ‘job done’. However, in an increasingly competitive world, the power of the human connection is more important than ever. Your personal LinkedIn profile is a window into the company you work for and has the power to elevate opportunities across the business. The phrase ‘people buy people’ has never been more true. 

By establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field you are also increasing your value to the company.  But it doesn’t have to all be white papers and downloads. Writing about your mistakes, failures and home life juggles can be just as important. It allows people to connect with you on another level, understand your personal values and make you more memorable to them.

How does your personal brand look?

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