There’s nothing like a perfectly-timed campaign that cuts through the noise and starts the right conversations. When a PR or marketing campaign really cuts the mustard, we think it’s worth celebrating.

At Yours Sincerely, our culture is built on sharing ideas and taking inspiration from a variety of sources. We may be competitive, but we also believe in giving credit where it’s due!

Below is a running collection of the latest #marketingwins of the week.
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Yorkshire tea: Don’t buy our tea

When a far-right vlogger praised her favourite local brand for not having voiced support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Yorkshire Tea sprung into action.

Making their opinion clear, Yorkshire Tea said it had not yet commented on the BLM protests as it had been “taking time to educate” itself.

It tweeted: “Please don’t buy our tea again. We’re taking some time to educate ourselves and plan proper action before we post. We stand against racism.”

We’re no stranger to Crisis Comms and this is an example of a reactionary post done right.

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EasyJet: Comic book face masks

We love this move from easyJet to help children feel more at ease when flying with their airline.

With new guidelines mandating for passengers to wear masks to slow the spread of the virus, easyJet have launched a range of children’s face masks designed by Irish illustrator Will Sliney, who has worked on Spider-Man and Star Wars comics.

Captain David Morgan, easyJet’s director of flight operations, said:

“Flying with face masks is going to be a new experience for everyone, especially young children, so I hope these fun designs, inspired by comic book characters, help to encourage kids to wear their masks onboard”

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Marcus Rashford: Protect the vulnerable

From sky high salaries to secret affairs and wild nights out, footballers don’t typically have the best reputation in the press. That changed when Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford used his platform to write to the government, asking that they continue to provide free school meal vouchers to children during the forthcoming summer holidays.

“The government has taken a “whatever it takes” approach to the economy, I’m asking you today to extend that same thinking to protecting all vulnerable children across England [and] I encourage you to hear their pleas and find your humanity,” declared Rashford.  

The subsequent U-turn that followed from the government shows that it only takes a well-loved sports-star to use their platform for positive change to take place.

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