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Paid search can give your business the edge by putting your product or service in front of a potential customer ahead of your competitors. A great paid search strategy can help grow your brand, increase traffic to your site (or footfall to your business) and drive new business and sales. Although building your campaigns and perfectly optimising your ads, keywords and bids can take time – which is why we’re here to help.

At Yours Sincerely we’re experts at building and optimising paid search and our specialists have managed paid search for household names up and down the country. Whether you’re taking your first steps in digital advertising with a very limited budget, or looking to take things to the next step, we can help. What’s more, as a comms and marketing agency, we’ll always work to your wider commercial and business goals.

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What we can do for you

Whether you’re looking to target users searching for focus keywords on Google, or are in search of a PPC agency who can target audiences from every point of their online journey, our YS team offer a full suite of services:

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free consulting?Looking for expert help?

If you’re looking for an agency to optimise your paid search and drive traffic to your website, we offer a free 30 minutes session with one of our experts for whatever you need – whether you want to discuss your existing strategy or understand where to go next, get some expert input for free

free consulting?Looking for expert help?

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Campaign set up and strategy

We’ll identify keywords in your marketplace and analyse your competitors to devise a bespoke strategy outlining which digital marketing channels are most suited to help your business achieve its objectives

Ongoing PPC management

Sit back as we act as your in-house team, constantly optimising bids, refining terms, testing ads and managing your search activity – all towards driving the best possible results for you

Account audit

Unsure how your paid search is performing? We will take a close look at how your PPC campaigns are performing and recommend a plan that suits your wider business goals


‘Test and learn’, then test again and learn some more – whether it’s part of ongoing support, or a standalone refresh of your activity, we’ll work to optimise your accounts so they’re firing on all cylinders

Real-time reporting

At YOURS SINCERELY nothing motivates us more than driving results. We will keep you up to date with extensive performance reports and next steps so you can keep track of your spending and results

Why choose paid search? Our results

Google searches

160+ bil

There are 160 billion+ monthly Google searches

Search ads


Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%

Google Ads


Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads

PPC meets Paid Social

When you work with YOURS SINCERELY, our approach is always focused on understanding each campaign against your wider marketing channels. If we feel Paid Search isn’t for you and Paid Social would be more suited to your business goals, we’ll be the first to let you know. The benefit of working with us is that our hybrid model means our team covers all marketing disciplines so we can offer you the best way to raise awareness of your business and reach your commercial goals.

For all our clients, we build bespoke strategies that deliver tangible results across both comms and marketing KPIs, whether that be Paid Search, SEO, organic social management, email marketing and much more.

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