There’s an old expression – “Good better best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better best”. We couldn’t agree with this more. That’s why we offer a range of training options to up-skill your team.

Whether you’re looking to build your corporate messaging strategy for the first time, want to help your spokespeople get the most from their interviews, would like your sales teams to present better or something else, we can help you.

Messaging workshop

Our messaging workshop will help your business identify the core pillars for your communications strategy – these can then underpin all communications and marketing for your business. We’ll also work through your elevator pitch (product/service benefit messaging as well as USPs) and proof points.

We use an industry-standard model used by major brands to clearly and succinctly identify these points.

Media training

This workshop will up-skill your key spokespeople and fully prepare them to engage with all types of media. Following this training, your team will be skilled in conveying the right messages during interviews whether this be radio, TV or print. We’ll also cover how to answer difficult questions and come across as genuine and expert.

Attendees will learn how to fully prepare for an interview, understand what journalists / interviewers are looking for and how to adjust style according to media title.

Download full details of our media training workshop here

Customer / User journey training

To deliver a fantastic end-to-end marketing plan and customer sign up experience, it is essential to understand your core customer journeys. We run customer journey workshops with clients to help them truly understand the customer journeys that matter and how they can deliver these across their online and offline customer experience, through to marketing and communications activity.

The YOURS / SINCERELY customer journey workshop starts by building a customer mindset map – where are your customers now, what are they thinking / where are they engaging – and then moves on to build and map your ideal end-to-end customer journey. We’ll cover existing pain points, core customer actions and opportunities to deliver an action plan than will ultimately improve your new customer experience and help generate new business.

Download full details on our customer journey mapping workshop here

Presentation training

Giving fantastic presentations is crucial to staying ahead of your competitors, getting your point across, being remembered and closing deals. Our presentation workshop will teach your team to deliver the best presentations and pitches possible. This workshop covers planning and the art of the story, brilliant basics and how to work an audience.

Following this half day course, attendees will be well versed in how to keep an audience engaged, how to build and deliver a memorable presentation, and crucially how to make sure take aways are taken away.

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