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Make a Difference with Second Hand Santa

We’ve all been there. You’re overwhelmed with Christmas shopping and you still haven’t sorted your work Secret Santa. Following a lunchtime rush to find something (anything!) that’ll do, you swear you’ll try harder next year.

This year, we’re mixing things up and calling on businesses across the UK to buy preloved gifts from charity shops for their office Secret Santa – it’s more fun, raises money for good causes and cuts down on landfill.

Click to join all these companies below and get your free #SecondHandSanta: Gift Giving Guide and printable gift tag…

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Want to get involved? Here’s how:

Step 1: Get your team involved and set a budget

Trust us. Your team will be much more excited about secret santa with this challenge to mix it up, so get an email ready with a link to this page and set your budget.

Step 2: Tell everyone about it!

Use the hashtag #SecondHandSanta on LinkedIn and Twitter and call on everyone in your network to source preloved secret santa gifts this year.

Step 3: Head to a charity shop

Use our guide below to find your nearest charity shop or your favourite charity’s eBay shop and choose a present that’s really personal and unique.

Step 4: Download the gift tag

Complete the form below to get a free printable gift tag to attach to your gift.

Step 5: Get ready for a much more fun secret santa!

Don’t forget to share your brilliant finds and personal presents online using #SecondHandSanta.

Join In

Complete the form below to get your free #SecondHandSanta: Gift Giving Guide and printable gift tag…