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The Real Mum Awards

At YS, we’ve always known that mums have super powers, and we’re lucky enough to have some amazing mums in our team. This year for Mothers Day we want to celebrate mums up and down the country, so without further ado, we’re proud to announce… The Real Mum Awards (not just for mums!).

If you, or someone you know, deserves a little more love in return for the trials and tribulations they’ve faced, or the support they offer, then our Real Mum Awards are here to help. We’re giving away pampering kits, champagne, vouchers, and much more to this year’s amazing mums, so if that’s you or someone you know, submit your entries to us using the form below. And remember, you don’t have to be a mum to apply or be nominated.

So, check out our categories below, and use the form below to submit your entries. We’re looking forward to reading your submissions.

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The Ultimate Co-Parent

Raising a little one is a full time job, and it really does take a village. This award celebrates the person who is always there to lend a helping hand. Does someone you know immediately come to mind? Submit them for our Ultimate Co-Parent award and we’ll send a massive thank you to the winner.

The Forever Young Mum

If you know someone who regularly finds themselves making mud pie in the back garden, or elaborate bed sheet dens in the front room, they may well be deserving of our Forever Young Award. We want to celebrate mums that are setting the best example of how to have a good time even to the littlest of tots.

The Motherland Moment

Motherhood isn’t always smooth-sailing, and we want to debunk the unrealistic expectations placed on mums by sharing and celebrating your ‘Motherland Moments’. The more outrageous the better! So, share your stories and let’s take a moment to remember that being the perfect mum doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect all the time.

The ‘Take Me As I Am’ Mum

This one is for those who have heard ‘oh my Gaaawwwd mum you’re SO embarrassing!’ too many times over the years. Whether it’s doing the school run in a vibrant set of PJs, or cheering too loudly at the school play, we want to celebrate mums for their consistent love and support with our ‘Take Me As I Am’ Award.

The Mum to All

Who is the stand-in mum of your friendship group that makes sure everyone gets home safe from a night out? Or perhaps the office mum who always lends a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on? With this award, we want to celebrate those who take responsibility for all of the big kids in their lives.

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