The stand out tech businesses in Bristol for 2019

21 January 2019 3 min read
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Bristol is a hugely exciting city when it comes to both tech start ups and established, growing tech firms. Bristol sits right at the centre of the silicon gorge, within easy reach of two UK capitals and also benefits from two great universities. What’s more, last year Bristol and was found to the most productive tech region in the UK per person and was also named as one of the top cities to launch a start up in Europe! As a result, it’s not surprising that there are so many tech businesses in Bristol.

YOURS SINCERELY works closely with a number of tech businesses in Bristol and the South and, as we enter 2019, wanted to share our ‘ones to watch’. So, we’ve put together our list of the most exciting small to medium sized businesses in the region.

Blu Wireless

One of the certainties about the future is that our need for high quality, high speed data connections will only increase. It’s for this reason that Blu Wireless is such an exciting business – specialising in a technology called mmWave, Blu Wireless are helping develop the future of data connections including 5G. 5G is being heralded as a major leap forward for fast, reliable data signals and Blu Wireless are right at the forefront of its development.

Five AI

Five AI are proving to be a real jewel in the crown of Bristol’s tech business environment, “bringing together the best minds in AI” in order to change the way we travel through Europe’s cities. The company are aiming to revolutionise urban transport, targeting a trial rollout of their autonomous transport tech during 2019.

One of Bristol’s top SME’s to watch, the startup is already considered to be Europe’s largest autonomous mobility company after having landed the single largest investment for an AI company from the UK government. Keep an eye out for Five AI tech on roads near you in 2019!


Moneyhub was founded in 2014 with the idea of making managing money easier for everyone. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, winning a series of prestigious accolades including the Fintech ‘Best in Show 2017’ and Lloyds hackathon ‘Biggest customer impact’ award last year.

More recently Moneyhub announced a major investment from Nationwide as part of its £50m venture fund. We know these guys personally and can confirm that there is a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline for 2019 and they’re certainly a tech business in Bristol to keep your eye on!


Ultrahaptics are not only one of the most exciting tech businesses in Bristol, but are one of the most exciting tech companies globally! Their kit, amazingly, makes it possible to touch and feel thin air – paving the way for 3D projections that can actually be felt. It’s so groundbreaking that it led Chris Zieigler of the Verge to declare “I think I just felt the human-machine interface of the future”

From their Bristol base, Ultra haptic have grown rapidly on a global scale and can now boast offices in Palo Alto (a la Apple and others) and Soul. This is only the beginning for Ultra Haptics.


In the rapidly growing voice-recognition market, Bristol-based tech business XMOS have had their voice-capture tech featured in platforms ranging from Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Cortana. Other XMOS ventures include the world’s first truly personal assistant, beaming sound only to you, currently being developed in partnership with Holosonics. Unsurprisingly, XMOS have landed investment from the likes of Infinion and BOSCH.

Doing a sterling job of helping Bristol get its tech voice heard, keep an eye out for what else XMOS have in the pipeline for this year.

Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog is a tech business that came up with a simple, yet utterly brilliant solution to two major tech challenges: firstly, what should companies do with all their unused server processing power when it’s not needed and, secondly, how to deliver extremely high demand processing tasks to businesses when it’s needed the most.

As we move into 2019 the team is rapidly growing, as is the portfolio of clients they work with. If that weren’t enough, they were recongised last year as ‘one of the world’s best in data and AI’ and have qualified for the top 500 deep tech start ups worldwide 2019!

Other businesses in Bristol

Whilst this last is far from exhaustive, it gives a good idea of the wide variety of brilliant tech businesses in Bristol / the South West region. Bristol is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the UK, if not globally, when it comes to cutting edge tech and we’re very excited to see where these companies, and many others, will take things over the coming years.

Have we missed you? We know there are many other businesses in Bristol that we haven’t included in the above and we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email or give us a call.