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A common misconception among businesses is that they’ll never experience a crisis at a level that requires a crisis communications programme. Which is a risky approach to take.

The reality is, crises can come from any angle – from data breaches and workplace accidents to employee wrongdoing and natural disasters – and can cause more damage to your reputation than you can possibly imagine no matter the size of your business, so it’s always better to be prepared.

This is where we come in. If a crisis does hit your businesses, our team of experts can ensure your response does not become the story. We work with clients prior to and during crises to put an effective plan in place making sure operations are efficient in stressful circumstances.

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What we can do for you

No matter how big or small your organisation, all businesses need a crisis communications plan to protect their reputation offline and online. We work with clients to offer a full crisis communications package, including:

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If you’re looking for some expert input on how to kick-start your crisis comms, we offer an initial half hour consultancy session free of charge with no commitment

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Procedural guidelines

We will build a time-sensitive, step-by-step guide so that everyone across the business knows how to act when a crisis first breaks.

Scenario plans

We will create a plan for every possible scenario, from the obvious to the highly unlikely, and work out an appropriate response for each.

Template releases

We’ll draft advance media statements and releases for every possible scenario – saving valuable time when you may not have much of it.

Crisis assessment

When a crisis hits, we will be on hand to determine what level of crisis this is, and what the appropriate response needs to be.

Key messages

As your comms agency, we will understand your messaging inside-out and we will work to convey and emphasise these wherever possible.

Internal comms

In an an externally-facing crisis, it’s easy to forget about what your own team are talking about. We’ll make sure all staff know what they can and can’t say.

Proactive media monitoring

In today’s digital age, the vast majority of crises will originate and play out on social media channels so that will often be where you’ll see those initial ripples.

As Yours Sincerely, we understand proactive social monitoring should be a key part of any organisation’s communications strategy and is the essential ingredient to detecting a crisis before it blows-up and is out of your control.

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