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At Yours Sincerely, we believe that good CRM management is at the heart of all thriving businesses. An efficient and effective CRM that works for you can drastically transform the way you communicate with your audience, enabling you and your team to not only communicate internally but create, schedule and automate personalised campaigns for your customers, prospects and so so much more.

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But which CRM should you choose?

We are CRM agnostic. We work with many companies of all sizes and within different industries, and due to our diverse range of current clients, we understand your individual concerns and requirements. Using our knowledge and experience, we will help in choosing and managing the best CRM for your business and ensure that it delivers to both your needs and expectations.

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Choosing the right CRM for you & your business

For us, choosing the right CRM is all about understanding your business and how different departments interact with each other, questioning processes within the company and uncovering decision-making patterns. Only then can a bespoke recommendation be made that is specific to your needs.

Yours Sincerely has a team of CRM experts experienced in delivering CRM set-up, data migration projects, and software implementations for a variety of clients. We provide consultation, installation, and training. Or if you’d prefer, we can deliver your marketing campaigns for you. Whether it’s Salesforce, Zoho, Rightpath, Microsoft Dynamics or Hubspot, we’ve got you covered.

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Yours Sincerely have supported us with the implementation of Hubspot, and in particular the installation of Service Hub – training our team on live chat and tickets. They manage our ongoing email campaigns on a weekly basis, as well as setting up workflows to allocate new enquiries to relevant team members and delivering automated comms to our leads. Yours Sincerely are true experts, especially when it comes to HubSpot. They are also lovely to work with. Couldn’t ask for more. Kristy Armer, Marketing Manager at Shopiago

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Navigating the world of customer relationship management systems is no easy feat. So if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today for a free 30-minute consultation with one of our team members.

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