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Email is one of the most effective ways to create a regular touchpoint with your clients and potential customers, but it can be difficult to get right. Creating a template and sending it to all your contacts can do more harm than good. To deliver results when it comes to email marketing you must understand your audience and refine your approach to your wider business goals.

We deliver strategic email campaigns designed to elevate your credibility in your industry, drive engagement and traffic to your site, as well as generate leads.

What we can do for you

When it comes to email marketing, we offer a full suite of services, from newsletters to triggered comms and more. We can help with devising a bespoke plan, designing creatives, implementing testing to optimise each send and more.

A bespoke plan

Every business is unique. By taking the time to understand your wider business goals, we can devise an email marketing strategy that drives tangible results.

Regular campaigns

As part of our proposed plan, we will design an email creative that speaks directly to your audience, reflects your tone of voice, and drives engagement and results.

Database management

An excellent creative is nothing without an engaged and targeted audience. We will ensure your database is the strongest it can be, migrating contracts from any email lists you have.

Testing and optimisation

We will be dedicated to optimising each campaign, carrying out testing wherever possible with the aim to uncover new insight and learnings which can be incorporated into every send.

Measuring success

Wherever possible, we will always seek to uncover learnings from the results we drive through email marketing activity and keep you up to date with efficient reporting and next steps.

free consulting Looking for expert help?

If you’re looking for help with your email marketing, we offer a free 30 minutes session with one of our experts for whatever you need – whether you want to discuss your existing strategy or brainstorm new ideas, get some expert input for free

free consulting Looking for expert help?

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    When it comes to results we let the numbers do the talking Our results

    Industry benchmarks


    We set benchmarks based on industry standards and consistently exceed these for clients

    Record performance


    We regularly deliver results that significantly outperform previous records

    Open rate


    Through optimised creatives, and ongoing testing, we?ve seen open rates of over 40% and CTRs of over 10%

    Email marketing meets SEO and content marketing

    When it comes to email marketing , our approach is always focused on integrating each campaign with your wider marketing channels. Taken together, these steps will raise awareness of your business amongst the right people and elevate your credibility in your respective industry.

    When you work with YOURS SINCERELY , we will build bespoke strategies that deliver tangible results across both comms and marketing KPIs.

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