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For the next instalment of our YS,X interview series we spoke to Josh Gregory, founder of the newly launched green investments platform, Sugi. Aimed at retail investors, Sugi is the first platform in the UK allowing users to check the carbon impact of their investments and compare with industry benchmarks to help them build a greener portfolio that is in line with their values. Over the course of our conversation, we delved into the environmental
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Originally hailed for it's gridded simplicity, over the last few years (and since it's purchase by Facebook), Instagram has rolled out a series of updates securing it’s frontrunner status in the social media landscape. These features - first Instagram for Business, then Stories, Shops, Reels and now IGTV - have made Instagram a must-have tool for digital marketers. As a visual-centric marketing solution, Instagram has been making waves in the B2B marketing space too. In
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