23 January 2020 5 min read
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2020 is going to be an incredibly exciting year for us at YOURS . SINCERELY. From new office plans, to delivering some big projects, and getting great results for our clients, we can’t wait for what the year has in store. But what better way to kick-off our 2020 blog, than by introducing our fantastic, and always growing, team who fuel the agency on a day-to-day basis.


What do you do at YOURS . SINCERELY?  I’m one of the founders. I’m working to grow the business, make sure we create a strong culture for our wonderful team and keep our lovely clients happy

Favourite part about role? Seeing the team grow and develop is right up there, a happy team leads to happy clients in my view

What do you thrive at? I’m a huge perfectionist which sometimes can be frustrating but I think I thrive at ensuring the quality of our work is consistently of a high standard. I also love crafting messaging for businesses, pouring over words and flow and making sure we bring brands to life through our content

What inspires you OR what’s important to you? Driving our values and culture are my biggest passion. I’m inspired by our team and our clients who are often brave, breaking new ground in their sectors and keeping us on our toes

How would you describe YOURS . SINCERELY in 3 words? Flexible, honest, ambitious

Dream client? There’s no such thing. . . . I’ve previously worked on brands that, as a consumer, I idolised but getting under the skin of them ruined that magic. The truth is the dream client is more about behaviours and attributes, such as how much they view you as a partner, how collaborative and challenging they will be, how you celebrate the wins and work through the lows

Most useful work tip? Do the hardest thing first in your day.


What do you do at YOURS . SINCERELY? As a founder, it’s important to me that everything is working well and everyone we work with is getting exactly what they need, when they need it. It’s also incredibly important that the team is happy and we are really living our values

 Favourite part about role? The variety

What do you thrive at? Doing fifteen things at once. Also, I love the creative side of things and coming up with crazy campaign ideas

What inspires you? Is it too boring to say results? Ok, results. But also wine (ideally with bubbles in it from the North of France)

How would you describe YOURS . SINCERELY in 3 words?  Somewhere I love to work

Dream client? All of them!! But seriously, it’s also about the personal relationships and working with people you love to work with. We are very lucky with our clients in this regard

Most useful work tip? Do what you love. And work with people you genuinely like. It’s not quite true that you’ll then never ‘work’ a day in your life, but at least you’ll have fun on the way.


What do you do at YOURS . SINCERELY? I am an Account Manager, and I am the first and main point of contact for the accounts I work on. I provide consultancy to clients, while developing PR plans and ensuring all planned activity is completed

Favourite part about role? The variety of working across a number of different clients in different sectors. You have to be aware of the media landscape and news agenda across a wide range of topics, making sure you know how to best advice your clients

What do you thrive at? I like to think I have a nose for a good story. I can spot a gap in the media to where a client could fit and get to tell their story

What inspires you? I love to travel. I have been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit in my life so far, but am always on the hunt for the next destination.

How would you describe YOURS . SINCERELY in 3 words? Energetic, honest, varied

Dream client? Glastonbury or Chelsea FC

Most useful working tip? Always read the morning news


What role do you do at YOURS . SINCERELY? I’m a Junior Account Executive and support the team to ensure we meet and exceed clients’ expectations in the delivery of their marketing and PR strategy, with a big focus on social media and email campaigns

Favourite part about role? I like how much my role changes on a day-to-day basis. One minute I’m scheduling the social for a visual effects studio, and the next I’m drafting a newsletter creative for an award-winning Fintech app. I’m always learning something new or getting my head into an aspect of comms I’ve not done before

What do you thrive at? I’ve always been a writer and really enjoy getting my head into a piece of content for a client. However, at YOURS. SINCERELY, I’ve also discovered my eye for digital marketing and ability to see a campaign through from the creative process to reporting

What inspires you? History. I love a bit of social history and reading about how people have rallied together to make positive change. Second, would have to be fashion

How would you describe YOURS . SINCERELY in 3 words? Fun, driven, people-focused

Dream client? ASOS or a charity for disadvantaged young people

Most useful work tip? Write a list for everything.


What do you do at YOURS . SINCERELY? I’m an Associate, so I lead day-to-day activity on accounts, develop a strong working relationship with our clients and make sure we’re delivering exactly what’s expected.

Favourite part about role? We have such a huge variety of clients from national charities and flood modellers to special effects companies so every day is something different. You get to immerse yourself in a range of different industries so I’m always learning something

What do you thrive at? I’m a former journalist so I love to write and chat! Building client relationships is also really important to me

What inspires you OR what’s important to you?  I’m a mum of two young kids, so it was always really important to me to work somewhere that shared my values around flexibility and work/life balance. The culture at YOURS . SINCERELY is completely unique and genuinely puts the team first

How would you describe YOURS . SINCERELY in 3 words?  Fun, flexible, different

Dream client? I worked with Channel 4 leading the campaign to promote their coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games and they were incredible – they had a clear sense of brand direction, they were brave, unafraid to challenge the status quo, and they trusted us as an agency to deliver what was right. And most importantly, I really felt like we made a difference with the campaign, changing public perception of disability

Most useful work tip? I love a good list, so my tip would be to keep track of daily jobs with a detailed to-do list. It gives you a sense of satisfaction when you can tick things off and makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere. And with big projects or tasks, break them down into smaller sections so they feel less overwhelming.

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