3 benefits of working with an outsourced marketing agency

4 March 2022 3 min read
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If you’re looking to level up your marketing and / or PR, an outsourced marketing agency could be the answer to helping you build, and kick off, a targeted strategy to help you grow and achieve your goals. From quick-fire campaigns and social media guidance to media relations and coverage, the decision to onboard an agency often comes down to this: do you have the capacity to strategise in-house, do you need outsourced in-put to take the reins, or perhaps a combination of both?

Choosing the right path for your needs is a unique decision for each business, and one that can vary based on factors such as stage of growth, size of internal team, intended outcomes and number of stakeholders. In order to figure out whether or not an outsourced marketing agency is the right fit for your needs, understanding the attributes of an outsourced marketing agency and how they operate is key.

What is an Outsourced Marketing Agency?

Put simply, an outsourced marketing agency is an external specialist party that is partially, or fully responsible for strategizing and executing marketing activity for your company. The level of input an agency has is entirely under your control, and can be scaled up or scaled down depending on your needs.

So, what are the key benefits of working with an outsourced marketing agency? From access to senior specialists, to increased diversity of thought, here’s why an outsourced marketing agency could be just the thing you need to take your company to the next level.

1. An extension of your internal team with a bespoke approach

One of the main perks of working with an agency is the ability to define a bespoke approach to your marketing and comms, delivered by a band of professionals that truly feel like part of the team. By focusing on the finer details of what you need, an agency can use their expertise to really understand your objectives and goals in order to integrate seamlessly into your business.

Whether you’re a growing brand, looking to take things to the next level, a ‘start up’ moving to ‘scale up’ or an established brand looking for a refresh, agencies can offer clients a truly bespoke approach. The first question to always ask here is ‘what are you ultimately trying to achieve’. By breaking down and understanding your business objectives, a tailored recommendation can then be given and a team of specialists will act as an extension of your internal team to execute it. You won’t find anything ‘off the shelf’ here.

2. Access to senior consultants and specialists

Instead of paying overheads for a junior team, senior consultants and specialists will be right at your disposal. This guarantees strategic input and honest consultancy, accurately helping you work out what you want you need (and when you need it), not just what you want. A specialist team will be able to dissect your commercial goals and translate this into a concrete marketing strategy – based on where your company has the most growth potential. So, whether it is generating valuable media relations or managing your social media, you’ll have specialists all in one place to best assess your company’s needs.

3. Diversity of thought and a fresh perspective

Many SMEs simply don’t invest enough in marketing, whether this be time, money or creativity. With 38% of small businesses spending less than £1000 on marketing each year, and many others finding themselves time poor, generating creative ideas can become crippling. Hiring an outsourced marketing agency means you can save precious time with a team of professionals churning out creative strategies that will help you cut through the noise.

Not only will you gain access to multiple marketing experts instead of just one or two in-house people, they’ll also be all hands on deck, offering creative input and ultimately more diversity of thought. This is one of the biggest benefits of working with an agency, as you gain a totally fresh set of eyes to look at your business.

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