Book a free consultancy session

Looking to overall your strategy or even launch a brand or product for the first time? We’re happy to offer a free 45 minute consultancy session with one of our Directors to help you shape your approach.

You can use this time to explore whatever is useful for you – whether this be sense checking your current go-to-market plan, or brainstorming ideas for what might work for a press launch. We offer consultancy services as standard; this call is effectively half an hour with an expert to explore whatever you want.

Not got a plan in place and not sure where to start? We can happily run this consultancy session to cover:

  • Understand your objectives – working these back to business goals
  • What is your story – a brief discussion around what the interesting angle is and how you can get cut through
  • Exploring your niche – a quick chat looking at where best to target your efforts
  • Clear actions – making sure you leave with useful input on action that you can take to help achieve your ultimate goals

These sessions are very much focussed around leaving with a plan of key actions to help move to your objectives based on what resources you have available, with no commitment