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Creative Marketing Using AI

Like most agencies, we’re on a bit of a journey when it comes to how we deliver creative marketing using AI in our business. The potential is huge but – especially in the world of marketing – human interaction, creativity and instinct is more important than ever. The plethora of AI tools out there doesn’t diminish the need for a human touch. If anything, it emphasises it (ask anyone who has asked GPT to write a press release for them).

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Feed the machine

Of course, it’s not just generative AI that’s changing the game. AI needs to become (yet) another stakeholder to consider in your creative marketing strategy. ‘What does AI think of my brand?’ is an increasingly legitimate question, and one that’s impacted by both earned and owned marketing channels. It’s sobering to think that even if no human sees your campaign, AI will, and will be drawing conclusions from it that will feed into its future outputs.

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Our approach to AI

Our approach at the moment is to test and learn. With our clients’ permission, we’re trying out different AI tools alongside more traditional methods to see where and how they best fit. We want to use AI to become more efficient and effective, without losing the creativity and originality we’re proud of.

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Next steps for AI

There are so many tools, tactics and platforms available, and we’ll be sharing our experiences of creative marketing using AI as we go. Watch this space for our honest reviews and thoughts on the potential of each platform we test. We’re aiming to incorporate the best AI tools into our services, so they can help us to deliver brilliant campaigns with tangible results whilst retaining human creativity, logic and strategy. It’s a whole new world out there, but it’s one that’s making our jobs more interesting and relevant than ever.

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