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Brand awareness for Kingswood School

With a history dating back to 1748, Kingswood School is one of the leading independent schools in the South West and has had a long history of providing excellent education to students from all over the world. With the ever-increasing competition in the education sector, Kingswood School wanted to ensure its brand was front of mind for the South West, London and beyond. Enter – Yours Sincerely.


Ahead of the start of the 2022/23 academic year, Kingswood set out to run digital marketing activity to raise awareness of the school with new audiences and support existing marketing plans. 

Kingswood partnered with Yours Sincerely’s digital marketing experts to run a paid social campaign, alongside their in-house team, to drive registrations for open days and generate new student applications.

The main objective of the marketing activity was to drive open day registrations for Sixth Form and Senior School events, whilst also building awareness for the school. Specifically to:

  • Promote Kingswood to a new audience, ultimately building brand awareness of the school
  • Drive engagement and interest from potential partners, prospective students and their families
  • Generate open day registrations for both Sixth Form and Senior School events

Event registrations were agreed upon as the primary KPI for the Sixth Form and Senior School campaigns. In addition, Kingswood requested a focus on increasing boarding and female registrations. 

There were also a number of secondary metrics that were monitored during the campaign activity, including:

  • Impressions received for the ads
  • Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn followers 
  • Number of website sessions

The plan

The first step to test which platform, audience and creative worked best for Kingswood School. The original brief was to target Facebook through five distinct campaigns over the summer of 2022. After reviewing the brief, we recommended using Instagram and LinkedIn in addition to Facebook, to focus on relevant audiences such as students or those working in certain professions.

These additions allowed us to be more specific with our targeting, ensuring that we weren’t just getting a high number of leads, but also that they were of good quality.

During the project, we A/B tested two different versions of copy for each ad creative, with a different creative for each audience. Each campaign was monitored daily and ran for a minimum time period before the audience, creative, copy or budget was edited. Here, continuous testing led to several evolutions of the ads to ensure that we were optimising the campaigns according to their performance. This optimisation included a change from a conversion campaign to a lead generation format.

Our results

Achieved target


For new registrations for open day event

Achieved target


Exceeded targets for senior school

Additional sessions


To the Kingswood website

Total on-target impressions

5.3 million

Bringing Kingswood school to a brand new audience

Sarah Patten, Head of Marketing & Communications

From the very beginning, Yours Sincerely showcased their expertise and professionalism. They took the time to thoroughly understand our unique needs, goals, and values. Their team conducted extensive research and analysis to develop a tailored digital marketing plan that aligned with our vision. The results we achieved with Yours Sincerely were remarkable. We saw an increase in organic traffic and their skilful implementation of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns also helped us reach a wider audience and generate more leads. We were impressed by their creativity and innovative thinking which captivated our audience and strengthened our brand image. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work sets them apart.

With years of experience in digital advertising, our team can help you make a lasting impression on prospective students, parents and educators. We understand the unique challenges faced by independent schools and are committed to delivering results that drive registrations and increase visibility.

For more information on how we can support your marketing efforts and make a positive impact on your school’s success, get in touch with us today.

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