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PR Crisis Comms 101

The worst has happened and adrenaline is coursing through your veins. Do you crumble? Do you shake more than a Great British Bake Off contestant trying to pipe their final decorations against the clock? No!

THIS is where you calmly reach for your crisis communications plan and remain cool as a cucumber…

No business is planning a crisis, but every business needs a crisis communications plan. Our guide will help walk you through what a crisis communications plan looks like and how to get one in place.

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Download our PR Crisis Communications Guide

Download our PR Crisis Communications Guide

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In today’s world, there is also the added pressure of trying to control the narrative in an environment where news can travel at light speed across social media. So, to the role of a crisis communications plan. Broadly speaking, a crisis communications plan is a document that provides a plan, an overview and details of what to do should the worst happen. The document includes a process for key people to follow (plus contact details), holding statements for the press, and more.  But does everyone need a crisis communications plan…?

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Looking to create a crisis comms plan but don’t know where to start? Look no further, we have the ultimate guide, including – The Seven Steps to Get You Started, Useful Templates and Three Golden Rules of Crisis Comms.

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Download our PR Crisis Communications Guide