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Presentation Workshop

Presentation Skills Workshop

Are you a business leader or a junior professional looking to improve your presentation skills? Want to know how to deliver a presentation with impact and confidence, and learn to manage those nerves once and for all?

At Yours Sincerely, we believe with the right training and practice, everyone has the potential to deliver a presentation with clarity and confidence. 

Our presentation workshops hosted by our Co-founder, Amy Simpson, enable people – across any sector – to understand what it takes to plan and deliver an engaging presentation that gets your message across.

This workshop will create a safe space for you to gain the tools needed to prepare physically and mentally for any presentation.

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◉ Plan and structure an engaging presentation

◉ Produce and use visual aids to enhance the presentation

◉ Utilise techniques to improve your presentation style

◉ Deliver prepared and confident presentations to a group of people

◉ How to ensure you’re engaging as a presenter

◉ Body language and habits

◉ Exploration of tools and techniques

The workshop is condensed to a half day session, covering core skills and focussing on broadcast, this would cover:

◉  Introduction and overviewInitial run through

◉ Objectives and goalsEstablishing clear, specific and bespoke goals for your session

◉ Introducing new techniquesGetting ‘in the zone’ and using aids

◉ First run throughThe presentation itself – overcoming nerves


◉ Second run throughManaging audience participation

◉  Feedback and refine – Review presentation and discuss

◉  Final review – Communicating and designing your presentation

◉  Wrap-up – Practise makes perfect

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Amy - CO-founder of Yours Sincerely (C) Credit

Amy Simpson – Co-founder

“Whether you’re starting out in your career or a senior stakeholder needing to land a persuasive business case with the board, our workshops are tailored to your needs and experience. The session is energetic, packed full of tips and tricks and will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.”

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Presentation Workshop Session Format

The Y.S Media training workshop can be run as a half day with a mix of exercises, skills workshops and practical hands-on experience including:

Details on how to properly prepare and workshop key messages

Broadcast media work with a recorded mock interview and feedback

How to deliver soundbites and manage difficult questions

Direct journalist interview experience with mock interviews from experienced national journalists (full day only)