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Choosing an agency using a PR and marketing agency scorecard

19 November 2018 2 min read
PR agency scorecard
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So you’ve decided you need a communications, PR and marketing agency to help deliver your marketing strategy. You’ve worked out your budget, you know what your goals are and what you’re looking for the agency to delivery. What’s more, you’ve whittled your long list to a short list and, on the back of RFPS, decided which to take to pitch stage. Now comes the hard part, actually choosing an agency. Luckily for you we’ve put together our thoughts on how to best choose a PR and marketing agency using an agency scorecard.

Using a PR agency scorecard to find the right PR and marketing agency for you

During the pitch, you’ll want to evaluate each of the agencies using the same scoring system (and a PR agency scorecard). This system should ensure you’re looking at every aspect of the agency that is importing to you. Here’s what we’d recommend:

  • Response to brief – How well the agency listened to your requirements, answered your questions and tailored their details to what is right for you. This will give you a good steer on how the agency listens and will handle potential projects and briefs.
  • Chemistry – How you ‘felt’ about the agency and how excited you would be to work with the individuals in the room is extremely important. A good working relationship is the foundation of getting results.
  • Quality of ideas – It’s standard for potential agencies to pitch ideas for campaigns. Scoring here should look at how you rate the idea in general but also whether these campaigns are the right fit for your brand.
  • Industry / business understanding – Does the agency actually know your area of business and do their ideas / experience suggest that they would be able to generate the results you want?
  • Credentials and experience – Just as you would always evaluate a candidate for a role by looking at past roles and experience, the same should be true of any potential agency. Have they demonstrated proof points that they have delivered similar briefs previously?
  • Bespoke criteria – We’d suggest seriously thinking about a further one or two criteria based on your specific needs such as how well the agency is able to execute in a certain area that is essential to your success.

When it comes to evaluating the above criteria, one of the simplest ways to do this is by using an agency scorecard. This has the benefit of keeping the evaluation the same across all of your agencies, what’s more it allows a simple system of comparison of marks from everyone in the room. Download our PR and marketing agency scorecard template here.

If you’re looking for a communications, PR and marketing agency then YOURS . SINCERELY can help. We’re always happy to share our thoughts on how best to approach the agency pitch process. Drop us a line for more details.

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