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Media training in Bristol

7 December 2018 3 min read
Microphone in recording studio for media training
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Media training is a hugely valuable way to ensure your spokespeople are on message and are skilled at getting your key points across when dealing with the media. Whether your brand is always in the national limelight, or you are growing your brand with interviews with local press and radio. Media training is one of the best ways to support your PR and communications strategy. YOURS SINCERELY supports business of all stages with digital media training in Bristol, Cheltenham and London.

Media training in Bristol

We are a firm believer that Bristol has some of the most exciting people and organisations in the country. Not only is the Bristol economy already worth almost £12bn but it’s also set to grow faster than anywhere else in the UK. What’s more, being right in the heart of the silicone gorge, Bristol is the most productive digital cluster in the UK according to a recent Tech Nation report.

As a result, Bristol is home to thousands of amazing businesses, as well as some of the most exciting tech start-ups, in the UK. Almost all of these organisations have something exciting to say on the national stage – which is one of the reasons we offer dedicated digital media training in Bristol.

What is Media training

Media training allows your key spokespeople to get your business’s core message heard. The key reasons media-savvy businesses attend media training are to:

  • Get their voices heard – Saying something in the right way is often key to getting picked up, understanding what is actually newsworthy, and conveying your message across in the most interesting and relevant way. This is the secret to getting coverage initially, and to securing repeat coverage. High calibre media training will give your brand ambassadors this skill.
  • Get your key messages across – It’s the journalist or editor / producer of a media brand which ultimately decides which of your comments make it into coverage, media training will help you get your key messages across and make sure these are the quotes that make it into print.
  • Deal with challenging questions – When a journalist is asking about your company, they can ask whatever they want. Media training will teach your spokespeople the art of answering difficult questions, and putting across your brand in the best possible light.
  • Be prepared when speaking to print, radio and TV – Each medium has it’s own set nuances and challenges and a good media training workshop will teach you how to deal with all three.

The YOURS . SINCERELY Media Training workshop

Our Media Training workshop covers all of the above points and more. Over the course of the day, our experts will teach your spokespeople everything from how to deal with media, to the different styles of communications, through to how to properly prepare and get your key messages across.

You’ll learn skills and crucial techniques and then have the opportunity to put these into practice. The workshop covers all key forms of media and will offer mock interviews across TV, radio and print.

YOURS . SINCERELY offers digital media training in Bristol, Cheltenham and London. These can be run in our offices or we can come to you. You can find out more about our digital media training workshop.

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