Digital Marketing Agency: A Perspective of Yours Sincerely

8 June 2023 3 min read
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Prior to my internship working for a digital marketing agency,  I had never worked in an office environment. My parents had coached me on how to act and present myself, envisioning a scene straight out of Suits. However, upon walking into the office on my first day, I quickly realised that they couldn’t have been more wrong. From the bright orange sofa to the overflowing wine fridge and big panda teddy, it was clear that this was a place where having fun was encouraged. 

I wanted to share three of the most important insights I gained during my time at a digital marketing agency, covering the culture, my daily responsibilities and networking opportunities. Whether you’re interning already, or considering a career in this industry, I hope this will provide you with inspiration for the future.

The fast-paced world of a digital marketing agency

In marketing and PR, timing is everything. It’s a fast and dynamic environment, where professionals work tirelessly to support clients. In agency life,  this is amplified x100 as you may be working on multiple accounts at a time. So if you don’t think you can handle that, then it is not the career for you. 

It’s important when applying to a digital marketing agency that you choose a company and team where the culture aligns with your own values.  At first, I felt completely overwhelmed by everything going on around me. I had no idea what to do and doubted my ability to succeed in the role. Fortunately,  my saviour came in the form of the YS team. They not only shared their skills and ways of working but also provided continuous support throughout my internship.

Daily work and responsibilities

Before starting, I knew very little about digital marketing and PR, as I studied criminology at the University of Gloucestershire. I thought it was simply writing a social post or getting an influencer to promote a product. With only three months of my digital marketing internship, I needed to gain as much experience as possible. I knew I had to dive in headfirst to have any chance of pursuing a career in this industry. 

As an intern I was involved in a wide range of tasks and working with a digital marketing agency gave me the opportunity to really grow my experience, including through YS’ own marketing. This was beneficial for me as someone who was still learning. One of my first tasks was writing social posts for LinkedIn and adding them to the social calendar for review. I quickly learned that this was not as easy as it sounded. 

In social media management, it is crucial to capture the client’s tone of voice while also being eye-catching, which was a challenge for me at first. However, with a few tweaks from the team, my first calendar was submitted, approved, and posted. Although it was a small task, I felt a great sense of pride in what I had achieved. 

Over the next three months, I gained skills in, search engine optimisation (SEO), account management, reporting, and proficiency in various platforms such as Cision, Canva, SEMrush, Google, and Hubspot. I gained skills completing various PR tasks including content writing, updating media lists, and repurposing content into bespoke articles for media publications. I also worked on email comms, and learned that making them effective  is a bit like learning a delicate dance – one that I felt I had no rhythm for. However, through painstaking trial and error and guidance from the team masters, I have now become a slightly more seasoned dancer. 

Opportunities and challenges in the industry

Networking is an essential part of building a career in a digital marketing agency. . And being active and present in conversations is key in order to make successful connections. YS provided numerous networking opportunities. From attending rugby matches and watching from the comfort of a client’s private box to planning their annual party, they introduced me to industry professionals who have helped me access new opportunities and it’s been fun to do this casually over a drink or two. 

One of the most valuable experiences I had was the opportunity to shadow senior team members and learn from experienced mentors. I was able to attend client meetings with Becky and Amy, observe Dom and Amelia conduct workshops, learn more technical aspects with Vik and Vanezza and participate in brainstorming sessions with the entire team. It was truly amazing to be in a position where I could lift the veil and peek into what goes on behind the scenes, watching these talented professionals work their magic. The only challenge now is figuring out the next step without them. 


Although my time at Yours Sincerely was short, it has been an incredible experience. I started as an inexperienced intern and have since gained valuable knowledge and skills in digital marketing, PR, Social Media and Comms. I now feel equipped with the tools to pursue a successful career in this industry.  I cannot express enough how much I loved working with the team at YS,  it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.