Promoting Fathom as global experts

The Challenge

Fathom is an academic-led flood modelling business that is on a mission to create the most comprehensive flood risk map of the entire planet. As a Bristol business with global ambitions, Fathom approached Yours Sincerely to help establish them as the experts, with the ultimate aim of introducing them to new audiences and generating new business.

The Plan

A six month initial plan was put together – kicking off with a messaging workshop to decide how Fathom should introduce themselves to the world and then moving onto integrated marketing and PR deliverables. The plan was to push for commentary, opinion and thought-leadership in target media, grow their social profile and capitalise on events designed to start new conversations with potential clients and cement Fathom as the leading experts in the field.

The Results 

Coverage secured in 80% of target titles within the first four months

Marcoms click through rates of over 10% – three times target

New business leads, and partnerships, directly from PR activities

What Fathom said:

“We were recommended to work with YS and chose them based to the combination of PR and wider marketing expertise they offer. In our first year of working together, YS were able to land coverage in almost all of our target publications, including both comments and full features, implement email marketing for the first time and make a big impact on our social performance. We have even had target clients proactively getting in touch with us directly following coverage! “

Gavin Lewis – Commercial Director, Fathom

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